Additional Grants

Additional Grants by Category:




Community Development:

  • News Review Student Training – the University of Maryland has supplied student reporters to the Greenbelt News Review. This workshop will guide students through an orientation to familiarize them with the editorial and organizational needs of the newspaper, while bringing new life and volunteers to the newspaper. 
  • Dry at Last: Greenbelt Arts Center– Increase space for set construction and storage, and patron’s comfort level by installation of a permanent dehumidifier to control damaging humidity and condensation.
  • Farmers’ Market signage
  • Greenbelt Arts Center – Bathroom Door
  • 1st 75 years – Greenbelt Museum
  • GAVA/GATE Youth Animation program – 75th Anniversary Short Film
  • Greenbelt Arts Center – Bathroom Renovation
  • Member Bulletin Boards at Coop Grocery Store
  • International Cultural Festival
  • St. Hughes Ladies of Charity Food Pantry
  • Greenbelt Farmers Market – Start-up and education program funds
  • Green Man Festival – CHEARS
  • 1 Year of Free Wifi at Roosevelt Center – New Deal Cafe
  • Community Calendar – hosted by the News Review