“I made that!”

Some parents discovered that their children were musically talented after they participated in Greenbelt Nursery School partnership with a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist and an early childhood educator. The program provided hands-on professional development for the teachers in their classrooms and fostered children’s learning through the use of music and arts.

The new Greenbelt Archive Projects received $5,000 from the foundation.

Vital Greenbelt history will be preserved

through the new Greenbelt Archive Project working to digitize 60 years of the paper.  They plan to scan, review and digitally manage 25,000 pages of the news to protect this vital Greenbelt history.

The Gemz Mentors Girls

The GEMZ is a program where adolescent/teen girls can feel emotionally safe, confident, and allowed to express and develop their leadership and creativity skills by having positive role models.