Center for Dynamic Community Governance

Maximizing volunteer program effectiveness, particularly in a situation where there is paid and volunteer staff, is the focus of the Center for Dynamic Community Governance funded project. CDCG’s goal is to use one organization to develop a program that can be replicated by other Greenbelt organizations. Due to the Old Greenbelt Theater’s (OGT) developing role as a gathering point for the East, West and Center Greenbelt Community, CDCG chose it as a staging ground for this project.  They look to create a process that ensures volunteer voices are heard; creates conditions for exciting teamwork; develops a committed base and create strong working relationships between volunteers, staff and the board. CDCG will facilitate regular meetings of volunteers and OGT staff to determine or modify policies for their assignments and, using a process of consent based decision making, will elect fellow volunteers for special tasks and responsibilities.“We are looking to create a blueprint at OGT for their volunteer program that can be adapted for use in other community based organizations throughout Greenbelt.” Says Aileen Kroll, CDCG board member.