When the Greenbelt Community Foundation became an independent tax-exempt organization, it expanded the tax-exemption criteria for organizations applying for grants. Now all organizations with any IRS tax-exemption is eligible to apply.
     This change enables schools, churches and other organizations to apply directly instead of seeking a fiscal sponsor with the specific 501(c)(3) category. For example, teacher and other educators can apply directly rather than submit a proposal through the PTSA.
     Another change in our criteria is that GCF funds existing programs. For example, the county does not provide enough funding for all the children eligible for the free lunch program. GCF may be able to fill that gap for one year. Or, perhaps a reading program doesn’t have enough funds to buy all the books it needs.
     April 15, 2020 at midnight is the next deadline for proposals. Please share with your organizations this new criteria.
Greenbelt Community Foundation Application