Greenbelt Co-op’s Biggest Fan

Danielle Celdran is an Exercise Physiologist and in her free time she also loves karaoke and dancing. She grew up in Greenbelt, moved out to Lanham but came back to Greenbelt after twelve years. Celdran currently resides in Greenbelt in Boxwood Village near the Greenbelt Consumer Cooperative.

She has recently had a great experience at the Greenbelt Co-op when Joe Gareri, the Education & Outreach Coordinator led an informative tour for Greenbelt Homeschoolers. Celdran and her son, Danzson Celdran, both agree that the tour was very enjoyable and educational. Gareri had them go on a scavenger hunt themed tour around the co-op to find various types of produce, milk, and meat products. He emphasized on the importance of “eating a rainbow” and suggested easy meals like chicken salad. Celdran said that she is now hooked on it and recommends it on a bed of spinach.

Celdran’s son, Danzson, enjoys going to the Greenbelt Co-op with his mother. Danzson helps Celdran write her grocery list, finds items for the best prices, and enjoys weighing produce on the scales. Sometimes, he spends his own money so that he can learn about the value of money. The cashiers at the Co-op are patient and are always happy to help him count out the right amount of change.

It is no doubt that the Greenbelt Cooperative is a neighborhood gem. Celdran enjoys running into her neighbors while shopping for groceries. She believes that the staff is personable and friendly and has made her into a lifelong shopper. The Co-op also leads initiatives that benefit the community such as collecting plastic bags, offering taste tests, and their kid’s fruit of the month club “membership”. One of the best qualities about the Co-op is that because it is run as a cooperative, members of the community care about its success.

As part of the Greenbelt Community Foundation’s 10th year anniversary campaign: Explore Your Greenbelt, the Greenbelt Cooperative is having a food and wine tasting taking place on May 21 from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. It will take place at the Greenbelt Consumer Cooperative located at 121 Centerway, Greenbelt MD 20770. The Greenbelt community is invited for an exciting event to learn more about food and wine pairings.

Sponsored by Paradyme Management, Beltway Plaza, and Greenbelt News Review this event is part of the Explore Your Greenbelt with the Greenbelt Community Foundation to celebrate its 10th anniversary. This is series of 14 monthly events and activities that will feature organizations that have received GCF funding. All are invited to attend to learn about these organizations and how GCF lives out its mission of “nourishing all of Greenbelt’s Neighborhoods”.