Greenbelt News Review Open House

The Greenbelt News Review (GNR) is giving local citizens the chance to see the paper in action by holding an Open House this Sunday from 11:00 – 2:00 pm at their office in the Community Center, 15 Crescent Road, Suite 100. At the Open House, people can see how the staff make the paper happen and have the opportunity for some hands-on activities using the processes of yesteryear to mockup a newspaper page.


The Open House will run in conjunction with the Greenbelt Farmers Market to be convenient for market-goers. It is just 100 feet from the corner of the market to the door at the east end of the Community Center. Enter the center through that door, go up the short steps and take an immediate left, the office is at the end of a short hallway. A yellow-brick-road made in sidewalk chalk will direct market visitors to the newspaper office and vice versa.

GNR created the event to help the Greenbelt Community Foundation (GCF) celebrate its 10th anniversary with its seven month awareness campaign, Explore Your Greenbelt. GNR is one of many organizations that have received a grant from GCF. GCF grants have helped the paper redesign its website and is currently supporting an intern program.

GCF has funded the newspaper because it has served as a pinnacle of communication between various groups in the Greenbelt community and the members within it. Solely serving the Greenbelt Community, the paper has printed news that pertains to people and events of the community since it was first established in October of 1937 and is now in its 79th year. The news review was established approximately six weeks after the Greenbelt Community was first founded by a journalistic club. These members not only felt the need to inform the developing community about the progress of the community groups but foster a good neighborhood spirit and remain nonpartisan.  

Since the paper was founded, the News Review has continued to remain nonpartisan and has grown from a mere four pages per issue to the current 12 page issues due to grants they have received that assist in pushing the paper forward. Due to the ever growing community that surrounds the News Review, there are an increasing amount of announcements in the paper. Whether the articles are written about the local Girl Scout troop or the time for the next city council meeting, the News Review is able to inform the entire community of precisely when it will take place. Long time editor Mary Lou Williamson considers the paper to be “the glue to hold the community together” due to its ability to connect the people to the various groups. The paper hopes to continue to expand with the community in order to keep the community connected and informed about current events.  
The Greenbelt News Review has been supporting the Explore Your Greenbelt awareness campaign of the Greenbelt Community Foundation. This is series of 14 monthly events to celebrate GCF’s 10th anniversary and activities that feature organizations who have received its funding. Other supporter include Paradyme Management and Beltway Plaza. All Greenbelt citizens are invited to read and learn about these organization in the Greenbelt News Review and to learn how GCF lives out its missions of “nourishing all of Greenbelt’s Neighborhoods”.