Personal Profile of a Greenbelt Girl Scout, Grace D’Eustachio

Grace D’Eustachio is a junior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and is very involved in her community. She swims for her high school team and for Adelphi Pool, she is a part of the drama program. She also enjoys making collages, painting, and reading in her free time. Her favorite book is “The Martian” by Andy Weir. What makes her stand out from her peers? D’Eustachio is a Senior Girl Scout in Greenbelt’s Troop 2799.

She started her journey with Girl Scouts as a Daisy when she was only six years old in New Jersey. Her dad is in the military and as a result, she found herself moving around a lot growing up. D’Eustachio said that being in Girl Scouts made it easier for her to adjust to new school because knowing one person on the first day of school can make a big different. Girl Scouts has been an anchor in her life for the last ten years.

Greenbelt’s Girl Scout Troop 2799 has sponsored the Greenbelt Labor Day Pet Show. D’Eustachio says that it encourages pet owners to socialize with other pet owners in Greenbelt. The Girl Scouts create different award category and every participant will receive an award. D’Eustachio’s favorite part about the Pet Show is that she can meet all the dogs of Greenbelt because she loves animals. D’Eustachio also hosts Badge Workshops where Girl Scouts will host a workshop and invite girls from around the community to participate. The most recent workshop was held at the Greenbelt Community Center where scouts taught other girls how to make their own textiles. Another Girl Scout event that D’Eustachio has been a part of is World Thinking Day. Each troop researches a country and an issue that is prevalent present day such as lack of educational opportunities for girls. All the local troops will come together with a presentation board and share native food and drink. It provides Girl Scout troop members an opportunity to learn from other Girl Scouts about different countries.

D’Eustachio’s most memorable experience with Girl Scouts is when her troop helped to beautify Buddy Attic Park. She said that it was hard work, but rewarding because multiple troops did it together as one troop. It gave the girls the opportunity to make friends with girls from other troops. One year, they went out to the Renaissance Day Fair after and she said that it was great getting to spend a full day bonding with her troop.

Girl Scouts has helped D’Eustachio become the well-rounded person she is today. She goes to Girl Scout camp every summer where she has discovered that she loves to sail. Girl Scouts has also encouraged her to be involved in the community. Its emphasis on helping others has made her more likely to volunteer for events in Greenbelt. She said that it also helped her with goal setting and accountability- setting goals for her badges and successfully earning them has allowed her to become a Senior Girl Scout. It is an important part of her life and this is only the story of one Girl Scout in Greenbelt.

The Greenbelt Community Foundation (GCF) has had the opportunity to invest in the Greenbelt Girl Scouts in the past and it is wonderful to see the difference that community organization can have. GCF is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the campaign Explore Your Greenbelt sponsored by Greenbelt News Review, Paradyme Management and Beltway Plaza.

Explore Your Greenbelt is a series of 14 monthly events and activities that will feature organizations that have received GCF funding. All are invited to attend to learn about these organizations and how GCF lives out its mission of “Nourishing all of Greenbelt’s Neighborhoods.” For more information visit GCF’s web site