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Beltway Plaza’s Biggest Fan: Carolyn Lambright-Davis

Caryolyn Lambright-Davis is highly involved in the Greenbelt community. She has lived in Greenbelt for the last seven years in Franklin Park. She volunteers with a number of Greenbelt organizations. Lambright-Davis is the Convener [Chair] for the Chesapeake Education, Arts and Research Society (CHEARS) and she leads a CHEARS group of students that make up the Earth Squad— an after school program focused on keeping the world green. She teaches Sunday school to 2 & 3rd graders at Eastern Community Church in Landover where she also volunteers with the church’s environmental team of volunteers working to make the church more green.

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Ladies of Charity Food Pantry

Clear your cupboards of any nonperishable food items and bring them down to the Ladies of Charity (LOC) Bingo Nights at the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival September 2, 3 and 4. While there, sit down at a table in the open space near the Greenbelt Community Center and have a fun night of bingo. This is one of the LOC’s largest fundraising events where half of the winning bingo game monies will go to help them fulfill their mission of assisting those in need in Greenbelt and half go to the bingo winner.  There will be a bin at the bingo site to collect non-perishable food items for the food pantry.

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From Farm to Table: Henry Jochem

You can find Henry Jochem every Sunday at the Greenbelt Farmers Market located at 25 Crescent Road in Greenbelt selling fresh produce from his farm, Primaterra Farm. He is originally from Columbus, Ohio. He started out his career in farming through farming internships throughout his undergraduate years on several farms in Ohio. He later moved to the East Coast and gained more experience on different farms in Central Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. Last spring, he began his very own farm, Primaterra Farm, located in Brandywine, Maryland. It is a first generation vegetable farm focused on sustainability and diversity. Crops are planted, cultivated, and harvested by hand. They are grown in soil fertilized by natural compost and without any chemicals to bring you fresh produce that feel good about eating.

Jochem began attending the Greenbelt Farmers Market as a vendor after a member of the market reached out to him via email. Since then, Jochem has been present every Sunday morning to provide the Greenbelt community with sustainable, fresh produce. Jochem also vendors at two other markets located in Alexandria, VA and Lothian, MD on Saturdays and Thursdays.


Henry holding a crate of arugula to bring to the Greenbelt Farmers Market

A typical day for Jochem starts at 5:30 a.m., earlier on days he goes to the market. He will begin by milking the goats, which are the newest animals to join Primaterra Farm. He will then feed quails and chicken and collect their eggs. Although watering the crops is dependent on the weather, during the summer he will turn on the water for irrigation. The challenging part is deciding where to get the water from- he has two wells on the farm and also collects rainwater. After watering his crops, he will then pick crops, plant seeds, and till his land. With no other employees besides himself, he is constantly juggling the responsibilities of running his own farm.

Some summer seasonal crops at Primaterra Farm are: tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber, potato, and sweet potato. In the fall: radishes, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, lettuce, and baby greens like arugula. The eggs that Jochem raises are from pasture-raised hens. Jochem rotates layers on new pasture regularly for happier and healthier birds that produce better eggs for you and your family. Studies have shown that eggs from pasture-raised hens are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, higher in Vitamins A & E, higher in beta carotene, and lower in cholesterol and less saturated fat. (http://www.primaterrafarm.com/gallery.html)

Stop by to say “hello” to Jochem and other vendors that provide you delicious, fresh produce straight from farm to table at the Greenbelt Farmers Market this Sunday, August 7, from 10 am to 2 pm. While there, enter the free drawing to win prizes at the Greenbelt Community Foundation’s booth where you will find information about the Foundation and its 10th anniversary celebration campaign, Explore Your Greenbelt. This seven month campaign is highlighting organizations GCF has funded and this week it is the Greenbelt Farmer’s Market. The campaign is sponsored by Greenbelt News Review, Paradyme Management and Beltway Plaza. For more information visit GCF’s website: greenbeltfoundation.net.

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Greenbelt News Review Open House

The Greenbelt News Review (GNR) is giving local citizens the chance to see the paper in action by holding an Open House this Sunday from 11:00 – 2:00 pm at their office in the Community Center, 15 Crescent Road, Suite 100. At the Open House, people can see how the staff make the paper happen and have the opportunity for some hands-on activities using the processes of yesteryear to mockup a newspaper page.

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Personal Profile of a Greenbelt Girl Scout, Grace D’Eustachio

Grace D’Eustachio is a junior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and is very involved in her community. She swims for her high school team and for Adelphi Pool, she is a part of the drama program. She also enjoys making collages, painting, and reading in her free time. Her favorite book is “The Martian” by Andy Weir. What makes her stand out from her peers? D’Eustachio is a Senior Girl Scout in Greenbelt’s Troop 2799.

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