How To Apply

proposal submission guidelines

The Greenbelt Community Foundation (GCF) welcomes grant applications for amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000. We are interested in funding worthwhile new or continuing projects/programs provided by nonprofit organizations and cooperatives that serve Greenbelt citizens. The project or program should enhance the vitality of Greenbelt in the following areas:

  • Cultural
  • Artistic
  • Recreational
  • Social or
  • Environmental vitality of Greenbelt

And it should:

  • Benefit residents of Greenbelt
  • Be fully completed or have a clearly defined milestone that is completed by the end of the grant year, defined as the 12 months after receiving grant monies.


Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Value to Greenbelt
  • Clarity of plan
  • Feasibility of approach
  • Qualifications of administrators and service providers
  • Likelihood of success
  • Potential for sustainability (if planned)


To be eligible for funding, your organization should be a tax-exempt nonprofit organization or cooperative. If you don’t meet this requirement, you must find a qualifying organization to act as your fiscal agent. A fiscal agent is an organization that is already a tax-exempt non-profit or not-for-profit cooperative that will act as a financial sponsor for your organization’s project. The fiscal agent’s mission should be in line with your organization’s mission.

A current grant recipient will need to wait 12 months from award date and must have submitted a final report to the GCF Board of Directors to become eligible to apply for a new grant. “The final report template is available for download. (See “Required Final Report” in the list below)”


Proposals are due by midnight April 15 and October 15 of each year. Complete proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Proposal Review Committee which sends its recommendations to the Board of Directors to make the final decisions.  Award checks for the spring cycle are generally made in summer while those for the fall cycle are made in winter.


To ensure that all required parts of your proposal are submitted correctly and easily reviewed, please combine all documents such as the application, budget, tax-exempt letter, letters of support, etc. into one document and consecutively number each page. Page numbers can be hand written if needed. Please name this document “[YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] Application for GCF.”

Please download and read the complete the Application to submit your proposal. We appreciate when all instructions are followed.

Please email completed proposal by midnight April 15 or October 15 to:

Email GCF if you have questions or need assistance with your proposal.




using a fiscal agent for grant applictions